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Surtec Quality Assurance

  • Surtec’s Chemical Manufacturing Department is a "State of the Art", 100% maximum waste minimization facility, eliminating chemical waste concerns.
  • Surtec uses only premium quality raw materials in manufacturing all chemical products.
  • Batch control - Products are all manufactured from master formulas. Items and weights are confirmed by two people prior to being added to the batch.
  • Final quality control tests are conducted on every batch prior to release and packaging.
  • Retains of all manufactured products are kept for a minimum of 5 years.
  • Proper precaution statements and directions are on every product label, including the Surtec copyrighted M.S.D.S. labels on all chemical products.
  • All chemical products shipped have batch numbers and the manufacturing date printed on the labels.
  • All shipping documents have the batch numbers for all chemical items on each order for proper tracing of products if required.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets are available from Surtec on every manufactured chemical product.
  • Our research chemists maintain a constant relationship with Federal and State O.S.H.A. and E.P.A. regarding existing and new requirements for our industry.
  • We have an ongoing safety-training program, which is conducted for all Surtec employees, with constant monitoring of safety practices.
  • All Surtec Technical Representatives initially attend a comprehensive training program on all Surtec products and procedures. They also attend monthly ongoing training and updates of products and procedures.
  • Surtec is a customer service oriented company. Our trained Technical Representatives maintain constant contact with their customers, instructing them in the safe and proper use of our products to obtain safe & superior results.
  • Surtec also provides "Right-to-Know" training for our customers to assist them in complying with California SB-198 and State and Federal OSHA requirements.

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