DIAMOND STAT II utilizes the latest advancements in conductive polymer technology to provide a static dissipative floor polish that maintains its conductivity even when routinely high speed buffed. DIAMOND STAT II is formulated specifically for areas where efficient static dissipation is mandatory, combining extra conductivity with the long lasting static dissipation.

As with all SURTEC Static-Dissipative Floor Polishes, durability and appearance have not been sacrificed to gain conductivity. Ease of maintenance, resistance to dirt pickup, and low frequency stripping cycles (once a year or less often) make DIAMOND STAT II the finish of choice for beautiful, static controlled floors.


Floor Preparation - All old polish films, dirt, and oils should be completely removed from the floor with SURTEC L.O.S, SUPER STRIP or THORO-STRIP, followed by thorough rinsing and drying.

Application - Use standard procedures with thin to medium coats, applied with a clean wax mop or microfiber applicator. Make sure each coat is dry before applying subsequent coats.

Maintenance - Dust mop often with UNTREATED dust mops. SURTEC DIAMOND MAINTAINER II is the specified cleaner for maintenance of DIAMOND STAT II. Use of other cleaners may result in the the loss of DIAMOND STAT II’s static dissipative properties. Damp mop as needed using a solution of 1 to 2 oz. of DIAMOND MAINTAINER II per gallon of water for periodic cleaning. The floor may be high speed buffed as necessary or desired.

Rejuvenation - DIAMOND MAINTAINER II may be used as a rejuvenator solution when resistivity rises above acceptable limits. Clean the floor by mopping or scrubbing with 1 to 2 ozs. of SURTEC FAB CLEAN per gallon of water, let dry, then use a dilute solution of DIAMOND MAINTAINER II (1 part DIAMOND MAINTAINER II with 2 to 4 parts water), applying a thin to medium coat with a clean, lint-free mop or applicator.

Recoat – When the finish shows wear or traffic patterns, recoat may be necessary. Thoroughly clean the floor with FAB CLEAN, as above; allow to dry. Apply as above.


COLOR: Milk-white, stable emulsion, dries clear
ODOR: Mild ammonia
pH: 8.5 ± 0.2
SPECIFIC GRAVITY/DENSITY: 1.02 / 8.5 pounds per gallon
FLASH POINT: None (C.O.C. Method)
VOC CONTENT: Less than 1% by weight
HMIS RATING: Health = 1 Flammability = 0 Physical Hazard = 0
GLOSS: 94 (A.S.T.M. Test D-523, 60°)
DRYING TIME: 40 minutes at 20°C. (68°F.), 50% relative humidity
COVERAGE: 2000 sq. ft. per gallon (average coverage on a sealed floor)
LEVELING: Excellent (A.S.T.M. Test D-2801)
POWDERING RESISTANCE: Excellent (A.S.T.M. Test D-2048-82)
RECOATABILITY: Excellent (A.S.T.M. Test D-3153-78)
SAFETY (slip resistance): Exceeds requirements (A.S.T.M. Test D-2047)
STATIC CHARGE GENERATION: 0 (zero) at 50% relative humidity (A.A.T.E.C. Step Test 134-79)
SURFACE RESISTIVITY: 10^7 ohms per square (A.S.T.M. Test D-257-78)
STATIC CHARGE DECAY: +5000 volts at 40% relative humidity in less than 0.1 seconds (Federal Test Method Standard 101B, Method 4046)
PACKAGE SIZES: 4 x 1 gallon jugs
5 gallon Twin Pack (2 x 2.5 gal. bottles/box)
55 gallon drums

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