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Surtec has developed and manufactured janitorial and industrial maintenance chemicals, unique high-speed propane and battery powered buffing equipment and programs for over 40 years.

Some of these programs were the “forerunner” of the systems that are viewed as standards in today’s maintenance industry. For example, Surtec was the first to introduce a complete Ultra High Speed Floor Maintenance system in 1976. This system was a combination of the Surtec High Speed Propane Buffer along with High Speed Maintenance chemicals, which were both developed by Surtec at the same time.

Surtec tied these items together with unique labor saving maintenance programs. This was the introduction of the first complete high-speed floor maintenance system to our industry. Over the years, Surtec has continued to lead the industry by being the first to introduce many new innovative products and systems. Some of these Surtec “Firsts” are listed below.

1975 Surtec led the industry in the development and marketing of Propane Powered Ultra High Speed Buffers.
1975 Surtec introduces the first Ultra High Speed Floor Maintenance Program. This was the result of Surtec developing High Speed maintenance chemicals and equipment simultaneously. This was the first complete High Speed Floor Maintenance System in our industry.
1975 Surtec specializes in manufacturer direct sales supported by factory trained, technical representatives. Hands-on program training has been one of the keys to our success over the years.
1980 Surtec introduces the Polivac High Speed Electric Vacuuming side-to-side Swing Buffer. This unit not only completely vacuums as it buff, but also has Micro Filter capabilities. This product is a Surtec exclusive.
1984 Surtec introduced the first pressurized Automatic Finish Applicator system with four types of applicator heads. The Finish Applicator has since evolved with additional heads including the new GREEN micro fiber head that evenly applies finish through the applicator.
1989 Surtec introduced the first MSDS label. Surtec manufactured chemicals have the Surtec copyrighted MSDS label on the package. You have the most current MSDS information at your fingertips.
1994 Surtec introduced some of the first “GREEN” floor finishes with the development of Envirocon, Non-Zinc ESD finish and Ultra NZ, Non-Zinc Finish.
1996 Surtec introduced the first complete Non-Zinc Floor maintenance program of additional Non-Zinc products and procedures to achieve superior floor maintenance results.
1996 Surtec developed and received a patent on the first Active Vacuum System for Propane & Battery buffers. This is the only true Active-Vacuum System on the market yet today for High Speed Buffing.
2002 Surtec introduced the “Ultimate” Floor Care System, which combined Surtec’s revolutionary new chemical technology with our unique potential equipment and maintenance programs to achieve up to 50% savings in both labor and materials while achieving superior results in appearance and safety.
2006 Surtec developed and received another patent on the first vacuuming pre-sweep for automatic scrubbers. The Surtec Vac-U-Sweep completely sweeps and vacuums in front of the automatic scrubber as part of the cleaning process, eliminating the need to dust mop the floor prior to scrubbing.
2007 Surtec Certified Green
Surtec has recently introduced the latest innovation in Surtec Certified Green programs which include Green chemicals, Green equipment and Green maintenance programs that are all supported by hands on training by Surtec factory- trained Technical Representatives. Surtec’s Research & Development laboratory has continued to develop new products to meet the ever-changing challenges of our industry and have been developed to meet all of the latest environmental requirements of Green while at the same time achieving or exceeding all of the performance standards of conventional maintenance products. Call for a personal, no charge evaluation of your cleaning programs.

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