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Walk Behind Disk Scrubber

A mid-size walk behind scrubber that's easy to maneuver and offers versatility on a durable platform.  This machine provides a 26" disk scrub path, up to 3 hour run time, 16 gallon solution and recovery tanks, with a theoretical  coverage rate of 80,000 square feet per charge.  Whether in state-of-the-art facilities or antiquated buildings, these machines are made to scrub floors safely.

SURTEC 27" Propane Buffer

With the Surtec Patented Acti-Vac Vacuum System

The Surtec patented vacuum system captures and contains up to 80% of the dust created by buffing, improving indoor air quality. The advantage of the Surtec Acti-Vac Vacuum system makes this propane buffer the GREENEST propane buffer in the industry today, helping to improve indoor air quality. A few of the highlighted features of the Surtec 27 Propane Buffer with the Surtec patented Acti-Vac Vacuum System is the 18 HP Kawasaki 603cc twin cylinder propane engine, typical CO emissions are less 3 parts per million and is CARB certified. (US Patent No. 5388305)

SURTEC 27" Propane Buffer

Time Proven Reliability

Surtec has developed and manufactured propane buffers since 1976. The 360 floating pad assembly provides full contact between the floor and buffing pad to achieve maximum buffing efficiency and superior results. The Surtec 27 Propane Buffer is equipped with a 18 HP Kawasaki 603cc twin cylinder propane engine. The typical CO emissions are less 3 parts per million and is CARB certified.

SURTEC Polivac High Speed Buffer

With Active Vacuum System

Surtecs Polivac Model 900 is the fastest high-speed swing buffer with an active vacuum system that totally vacuums as it buffs. Surtecs Polivac super high speed vacuuming buffer is truly a Green Cleaning buffer. It is ideal for all dust critical areas such as clean rooms, hospitals, convalescent homes, electronic plants, computer rooms and any other areas where dust cannot be tolerated.


The NEW & IMPROVED Surtec Bac-Pac-Vac is truly a Green Cleaning Vacuum. It provides efficient cleaning for health and safety without harming the environment. The Surtec HEPA Bac-Pac-Vac was designed to give the professional cleaner the power of a commercial vacuum in a backpack vacuum. CRI CERTIFIED GOLD. Available in 10 or 6 quart capacity

SURTEC 12 Gallon Hot Extractor

Carpet & Rug Institute Certified GOLD for IAQ

No extractor design has ever incorporated so many advanced features and patented innovations in a single design. We urge you to compare our 12-Gallon Extractor to any competitor. The conclusion is self evident. We are designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

SURTEC 3 Gallon Hot Mini Extractor

Our three gallon spotter is designed with simplicity and durability in mind, with performance only found on large extraction equipment. 201 degree stainless steel in-line heater, 120 psi solution pumps leave this spotter clearly in a category of its own. Now add the industry's first Noise Diffusing Exhaust Manifold and a new definition of clever efficiency is an understatement.

SURTEC Wet/Dry Vacuum

Tool Kit Included

Surtec’s 15 gallon wet/dry vacuums are equipped with dual individually switched vacuum motors and have provisions for a third to handle extreme conditions.

SURTEC 18 Gallon Wet/Dry Shovelnose Vac

Tool Kit Included

Engineered to withstand heavy, daily use in commercial applications. Featuring easy to use fingertip controls, a 24 inch front mounted squeegee assembly, 9 ft hose and five piece contractor tool kit included.

SURTEC 20" Auto Scrubber

Available in Traction Drive or Pad Assist

This automatic floor scrubber keeps the weight of your solution consistently in the center of the machine, between the wheels making it easy to maneuver, even in tight situations. A new anti-foam system prevents foam from reaching the vacuum motor, providing greater reliability and extending vacuum motor life. The only automatic walk behind scrubber to come with an extra set of replacement squeegees, for fast replacement if one tears in the middle of cleaning a floor. Engineered to withstand heavy, daily use in commercial applications.

SURTEC 20" and 17" Floor Machines

Versatile, Powerful, and Built to Last!

These workhorse machines with power to spare deliver top value and reliable, long-lasting performance. Ideal for maintenance contractors, office buildings, schools and universities, healthcare environments, retail stores, malls, and more. Offered in 17” or 20” Disc Size. The Optional Solution Tank is ordered separately.

SURTEC 20" High Speed Electric Burnisher

Reliable performance

This heavy duty high speed burnisher is built to last. It features a 1.5 HP motor that draws only 15 amps. 20" drive with a 50 foot power cord. All steel construction for superior strength and longevity. Welded frame for rugged.


Hone. Polish. Burnish.

Aztec has developed what may be a game changer in the Concrete and VCT floor machine industry. The Refresher, with its dust control capability and sealed planetary drive with positive drive synchronous belt, comes with 3 sets of driver heads/brushes. Aztec Refresher consistently exceeds equipment expectations.

SURTEC Turbo Dryer

Air Mover

The ideal air-mover, offering maximum airflow & optimum features while consuming few amps. Maintaining it's three position airflow, stacking capability, rugged roto molded housing, and 2-speed, 3-position switch make this one of our most popular selling units.


Walk Behind Disk Scrubber

Make your cleaning operation more productive with a large cleaning path to reliably tackle even the toughest environments. The (2x) 16-inch disk style scrub brushes are installed and removed without tools to allow ease when switching between different brushes or pads. The squeegee blades can be rotated or flipped without tools. Everything bolted to a steel frame ensures this machine will withstand daily application hardships.


20" Disk Walk Behind w Traction Drive

The Wrangler 2012 floor scrubber delivers high-productivity and cleaning performance you can count on. It is a perfect fit for hard floor scrubbing programs


20" Orbital

Tomcat's MICROMINI Floor Scrubber Dryer is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer. The MICROMINI Floor Scrubber Dryer comes either as a Pad Assist or Traction version. Easy to maneuver into tight areas, the deck is protected by steel guards and large polyurethane rollers to keep the unit from marking walls.


Self-Contained 16" Carpet Extractor

Simple to operate, rugged and affordable. Featuring easy to use fingertip controls. This unit is by far the best value in the industry. It’s wide 16 inch cleaning path and 9 gallon tank increase cleaning productivity. Backed by the most extensive,
hassel-free warranty in the business!


13" Disc Grinder by Scanmaskin

The ScanCombiflex 330 (SC-330) is a powerful and easy to use machine, and is one of the most versatile machines on the market. The 330 mm / 13 inch single grinding disc is effective for grinding smaller areas, edging long stretches of the floor, lite coating removal and surface preparation. Optional 50 lb weight kit available separately.


29" Ride-On

Tomcat's CRZ Rider Floor Scrubber Dryer is known for its simple design and durable construction, offering unmatched value for the customer. The CRZ Floor Scrubber Dryer comes equipped with a powerful front-wheel drive for climbing ramps and max operator ease.


Industrial Dust Collector

Scan Dust 2900 is a versatile and efficient dust collector, known for its high reliability and performance The cylindrical design functions as a pre-separator, causing heavy particulate to separate from the fine dust. This allows the heavy particles to immediately drop into the bottom of the cyclone, bypassing the filters completely, which increasing filter life and suction performance.


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