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Commercial Laundry Systems

Surtec Laundry Systems are turnkey programs that feature chemicals metered with peristaltic pumps for accuracy and safety.

SURTEC BLEND CENTERS PROVIDE PRECISE DILUTION. Automatic chemical injection is essential for proper removal of stains and other contaminants. Auto chemical metering eliminates the need for adding chemicals manually, reducing chemical overuse and simplifying operation. Ensure items are properly cleaned every time with automation. Typically, automatic chemical injection can result in a significant savings in detergent costs.

SURTEC LAUNDRY PROGRAMS Our laundry systems are turnkey programs that feature chemicals metered with peristaltic pumps for accuracy and safety.
Surtec’s Citrus Clean Laundry Detergent LD-340 A unique high quality liquid laundry detergent with D'limonene, a natural citrus solvent. Contains a synergistic blend of surfactants, anti-redeposition agents and optical brighteners, tough on dirt and oily soils, safe on all washable fabrics and leaves a fresh clean fragrance.
Surtec’s FABRIC SOFT FS-345 Less wrinkling, less sticking, and reduced static for speedier ironing. It's use will also prevent skin irritation from residual alkalinity. Use it on cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics. Surtec’s FABRIC SOFT also reduces dry time, minimizes linting & reduces friction wear. It's biodegradable, too.
Surtec’s HY-PER BRITE LB-343 Non-Chlorine, Color Safe, highly concentrated oxygen bleach, is safe on all white and colorfast washable fabric. It removes oxidizable stains and helps prolong and brighten linens and garments. Surtec’s HY-PER BRITE even helps revitalize the color of dull and faded fabrics, reduces linting and prevents tensile strength loss.
Surtec’s SOUR LS-350 Surtec’s super-concentrated laundry sour adjusts linen pH to eliminate skin irritation. Prevents graying and yellowing caused by residual alkali or rust stains. Reduces static electricity and wrinkling, Surtec’s Sour is safe for use on all cottons, linens and synthetic fabrics. It contains a proven sour additive and a concentrated fabric softener in one product. It prevents yellowing and graying by neutralizing residual alkali and by dissolving hard water lime and iron stains.
Surtec’s LAUNDRY BREAK DETERGENT BOOSTER LB-347 is an excellent heavy-duty booster for hard water conditions. Use it on cotton, polyester and on all but the most delicate fabrics. SURTEC’S LAUNDRY BREAK rapidly penetrates, breaks down and flushes away food residues, grease, fats, oils, lipstick, protein, coffee, tea and other stains. It also prevents soil redeposition and helps with water hardness that causes fabric to dull or gray. It prevents clogged lines and pumps. It's biodegradable, too.
Surtec’s LAUNDRY PRE-TREAT LP-352 is a concentrated destainer that penetrates and dissolves hard-to-remove stains. Removes oil, grease, grass stains, lipstick, ink, liquor, coffee, medicines, cosmetics, chocolate, mustard, catsup and blood. Use it in the laundry on all washable fabrics. Contains no phosphates and it’s biodegradable. Applied directly to the stain or spot, this product goes to work immediately to penetrate the fibers, solubilize soils, and prevent redeposition. Laundry can then be washed normally with excellent results.

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