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Carpet Restoration

Not Just Ordinary Carpet Cleaning!
Restore your carpet to "like-new" appearance with this very simple and effective system
of carpet Restoration, Protection & Maintenance
After thoroughly pile lifting or vacuuming the carpet, pre-treat the carpet using Surtec's Carpet Restoration Pre-Spray
Apply the Surtec's Carpet Restoration Pre-Spray solution using pump-up sprayer. This product is a unique, concentrated pre-spray formula designed to not only dissolve normal soils, but was developed specifically to dissolve the hard to remove detergent residue and hard water calcium scale left behind from previous cleanings.
Rotary shampoo the carpet using a nylon carpet brush with Surtec's Deep Clean, Restoration Shampoo.
Surtec's Deep Clean Restoration Shampoo is a unique, dry foam carpet shampoo that was designed to work in conjunction with Restoration Pre-Spray to further dissolve all previous residues and hold them in suspension for free rinsing from the carpet fibers.
Extract carpet using a one piece extractor with brush agitation, with Surtec's Rinse-Out to remove all emulsified residue from the carpet.
Surtec's Rinse-Out is a highly concentrated extraction rinse agent designed to remove all of the emulsified residues from the carpeting, leaving the surface clean and properly prepared for the application of Surtec's Swiftclean Carpet protector.
Apply Surtec's SwiftClean Carpet Protector, made with soil retardants, stain blockers and anti-penetrants to protect carpet from soils and stains.
With Surtec's SwiftClean Carpet Protector carpets stay cleaner longer, reducing carpet care labor and material cost, extending the useful life of the carpet. SwiftClean Carpet Protector may be added to Deep Clean or RinseOut for extreme versatility so cleaning and protection can be achieved in a One Step process.

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