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Anti-Graffiti System

The Surtec System is a viable alternative to traditional methods of addressing graffiti problems which often include simply painting over graffiti (often with mismatched paint)
or pressure washing harsh graffiti cleaning solutions directly onto the ground, exposing
the environment to harmful chemicals.

The Surtec Anti-Graffiti System features:
  • Protection with Graffiti Barrier VOC
  • Efficient Graffiti Removal with Graffiti Buster VOC
  • Containment of cleaning solutions with the Surtec Washer/Vacuum Containment System
GRAFFITI BARRIER VOC is an environmentally friendly low gloss, high performance, two-component urethane/acrylic clear coating formulated for graffiti protection of concrete and masonry surfaces. GRAFFITI BARRIER VOC is suitable for application to most painted and unpainted concrete, stucco, artificial stone, cinder block and similar surfaces. In combination with GRAFFITI BUSTER VOC remover, GRAFFITI BARRIER VOC offers protection from spray paints, marker inks, crayon, etc.
  • For painted surfaces or to maintain a fully natural look to concrete and masonry, SURTEC BOND COAT is recommended as a primer/sealer.
  • The application of GRAFFITI BARRIER VOC/BOND COAT can be accomplished with a simple pump-up spray and brush or roll (depending on the texture of the surface being coated).
GRAFFITI BUSTER VOC was developed specifically to remove all types of graffiti material from various surfaces. GRAFFITI BUSTER VOC is extremely effective in the removal of ink, spray paint, lipstick, felt marking pens, etc., from surfaces such as formica, vinyl, baked enamel painted surfaces, cement, brick, marble, and granite. GRAFFITI BUSTER VOC will totally remove most graffiti materials from nonporous surfaces.
  • For the most efficient graffiti removal system, porous surfaces should be precoated with SURTEC’s GRAFFITI BARRIER VOC.
  • GRAFFITI BUSTER VOC meets CA Air Resources Board regulations at less than 30% VOC by weight.
It is unlawful to allow liquefied graffiti and graffiti remover to be rinsed on to the ground or into a storm drain. Under California law, the graffiti removal solution must be contained and disposed of as hazardous waste. The Surtec Washer, Vacuum and Containment System was designed to easily accomplish this requirement.

Features of the Surtec Removal Tool

  • The Surtec removal tool has a rotating pressure washer device within the head to rinse the graffiti from the surface.
  • The head of the removal tool has vacuum ports around the outside perimeter to vacuum all of the dissolved graffiti from the surface.
  • A brush around the extreme outer perimeter works as a seal around the outer edge of the vacuum tool to prevent the solution from escaping.
  • The vacuum tool is powered by a low volume, low pressure, pressure washer with a conventional wet/dry vac used for containment

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