Surtec was founded in 1975 by W.A. Fields & Don C. Fromm


Our mission is to develop and produce the highest quality products possible for the cleaning and coating of all types of surfaces with emphasis on Safety, Appearance and Protection. Our mission is also to support these products with factory trained technical representation, to achieve superior results, while ay the same time reducing the labor and materials required to complete the job.

Surtec is part of Envoy Solutions, a specialized distributor and solution provider in facility care, foodservice, packaging, and marketing execution.

Raw Materials

Surtec uses only premium quality raw materials, ensuring the highest quality products are produced on a consistent basis. Surtec’s chemical research and development chemists meet with raw material suppliers, staying current on the latest developments in raw materials to continue to lead the industry in new chemical technology.

Quality Assurance

Our customers are guaranteed the highest quality products at economical prices with consistent performance year after year. This is accredited to Surtec’s “State of the Art” chemical manufacturing facility, in conjunction with our Quality Assurance Division. Surtec chemists maintain up-to-date knowledge of trends in our industry including the latest developments in “Green” technology and air quality (VOC) regulations for consumer products and architectural coatings.

Our Experts

Surtec Factory Trained Technical Representatives provide hands-on support that is customized to fit your maintenance needs. These Reps embrace on-going factory training to stay up to date with the latest developments in products, programs and procedures. Surtec Technical Representatives can not only show you how to save time and money, they can help you solve your maintenance problems by focusing on designing programs with the end result of safety, appearance and economy; by setting up maintenance programs, training your maintenance personnel and instructing on the proper selection and use of chemicals and equipment.


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