A Testimonial

Mike Lawlor of Solid Creations Concrete walked us through this project which began with a small area of ceramic tile and an exterior patio. The exterior wall was moved, expanding the project space to 1088 square feet. There was sloping of the old exterior concrete, which was demolished along with the tile. The area was repoured to include tracks for new retractable glass panel doors. Mike applied a two step micro topping and color stain. Before sealing, he cleaned the area with Surtec’s (LF-150) Heavy Duty Cleaner, to remove any excess residue, rinsed and let dry. Next, to ensure good adhesion and protect against harsh alkalinity and minerals in the concrete, Mike chose Surtec’s Stone Seal (CS-676)  and Surtec’s Endure (FP-522) Extra Durable Low Maintenance Floor Finish, for their ease of use, low odor and quick dry time. He applied three coats of Stone Seal, followed by three coats of Endure Floor Finish for this beautiful final product.

“I’ve been using Surtec products for more than 20 years, they offer everything I need. The products are outstanding, never had a fail, but even more valuable is the support I receive from Surtec. No one else offers me the support of expert Technical Reps and Chemists.”  Mike Lawlor of Solid Creations Concrete

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